Management Team

Paul Murnaghan
Sales and Marketing Manager

Paul started his career with Canada Packers. After stints with Gainers and J.D. Sweid, Paul joined Hardy Sales in 2002 as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Western Canada. His 24 years of sales experience has been invaluable in motivating a sales force across 4 provinces. Paul's vision for Hardy Sales is to remain a leader in the industry by bringing innovation and adaptability to the ever changing retail environment.

Audrey Ivany
Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Audrey began working in the industry with Mitchell's Gourmet Foods both in Regina and B.C. In 2001, after 22 years with Mitchell's, she joined Hardy Sales as the Purchasing and Logistics Manager for Western Canada. Based out of Calgary, Audrey's vision for Hardy Sales is to bring the most innovative products to the Western Canada market.

Pat Moore
Food Service & Sales Manager

Pat began his 30 year career in the beef packing industry and brought this experience to Hardy Sales in 2000 as Food Service Sales Manager. Pat's vast beef experience has helped him develop strategic alliances with commodity based suppliers, as well as, establishing strong relationships with a variety of food service clients. Pat's vision is to continually propel Hardy Sales in its leadership role in this constantly changing industry.

Wendy McPhee

Wendy had 15 years of accounting background in the Point of Sale and Supply Industry before she joined Hardy Sales in 2001 as Controller. Wendy has been a key player in the growth of the company and her financial expertise is well respected by all of her colleagues. Wendy's vision for Hardy Sales is bright, and she is excited to be part of such a great team of people.

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