Hardy Sales was founded as a meat brokerage in 1982 by Jerry Hardy. Jerry had spent the previous 30 years with Canada Packers in sales, and as a beef manager at many of their plants across Canada. Jerry retired in 1997, and the company is now run by his son, Steve. Steve joined the company in 1984, after spending the previous three years also working for Canada Packers.

The first few years after the company was established were spent brokering carcass and boxed beef in the B.C. market for Alberta meat processors. The business has developed quickly as meat processors outside of western Canada needed knowledgeable meat specialists to represent their product lines. After many years of acting strictly as a broker, it became necessary to take possession of product from outside the country. We have since become experts on importing products from anywhere in the world. We can purchase product in any currency and can arrange freight from anywhere in the world.

We continue to represent many companies on the brokerage side of the business, but also act as a distributor whenever our customers or suppliers require it. We now carry a large inventory of fresh and frozen products in our two regional warehouses, so that we can provide next day service to most accounts.

As our suppliers and products grew, so did the sales and administration staff to support the growth. We are capable of providing all sales functions, including developing marketing programs, or we can provide the sales and merchandising function only.

We have grown from a two person company working from the basement of Jerry's home to Western Canada's foremost meat and deli distributor. Our focus is the meat, deli, and seafood departments of major chain and independent retailers, and all aspects of our business continue to grow and thrive.

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