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JANUARY 19, 2017
Exciting News!

Hardy Sales is proud to announce that we are now, officially a licensed retail distributor for Certified Angus Beef. This program is considered the best beef program in the marketplace and they were the first branded beef program. Certified Angus Beef will be a great addition to our other high quality lines such as Butterball and Cooks. We are eager to license new customers and service existing customers that already meet the standards set out by Certified Angus Beef. 
If you are interested in being associated with the most recognized premium beef program in North America; if you want customized P.O.S and lots of it and if you want TOP QUALITY beef for your customers, then call your Hardy Sales representative to discuss your interest in becoming a licensed C.A.B vendor. 
This is a program your customers will remember and you will want to be a part of! 


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