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MAY 31, 2017
A Perfect Summer BBQ

Picture your perfect summer evening...the grill is on, the patio is lit, there is a drink in your hand..but you're missing one thing... appetizers! 
We have a variety of appetizers that will please your pickiest eater. We even have gluten free options too! 
If your looking for a quick pork bite, ask about our Rocky Mountain line. In the mood for getting your face covered in sauce? We carry the Pintys line that ranges from LARGE chicken wings, boneless tenders, chunks-available in gluten free as well! Maybe you're on a strict seafood diet! Well Aquastar carries a variety of tasty appetizers such as: Crab, Crunchy Scallops, Crunchy Calamari and more! If you love a good charcuterie board you have got to try the Marc Angelo sliced deli meats or the Siwin sausages! Your guests will never want to leave! 


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